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TIMESAVERS for TEACHERS specializes in report card comments/end of year remarks, printable classroom forms, worksheets, spelling activities, practical teacher tools, and downloadable teacher resources that improve classroom management, saving teachers valuable time.

Free Stuff for Teachers on Cool Freebie Links
Free goodies samples and resources for teachers, educators and home schoolers. Free classroom aids - lesson plans - educational software - samples and more.

101 Easy Science Projects for Kids
Download our e-book that has step by step instructions for over 100 science experiments geared for grades K-12.  All projects can be completed with ordinary household items.

Canadian search engine and directory

Visit the Canadian Culture WebsiteThis web site is our tribute to Canada.
We want to stimulate our economy.
We want to promote tourism.
We want to preserve our culture!

Breaking News English Daily breaking News English Daily

              Earth's Most Up-to-date ESL Materials Writer

Breaking News English Daily offers free world news and current affairs lessons uploaded daily. The news is still-breaking which makes it a unique EFL/ESL resource. There are twenty or more very communicative ideas per lesson, all copyright-free and 100 per cent photocopiable.

Canadopedia is a bilingual directory / search engine, made in Canada by Canadians, for Canada, its citizens, and those who need information about Canada and its inhabitants.

Lesson plans and teacher's resources, as well as articles and interviews on various aspects of Mythology and popular movies such as Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz. 

Cell Phone, Pager, PDA Recycling Donation- Donate Cell Phone to Recycle
Cell Phone, Pager,PDA Recycling Donation-Donate Cell Phone to Recycle, Donate Cell Phones to Recycling for Charity.

Cozy Educational Videos and DVD's
Grammar, Punctuation, Essay Writing

Education CoffeeHouse
This website has much less to do with coffee, much more to do with excellence in education.  Based on the idea of literary coffeehouses, this site promises to serve as a gathering place, offering a collection of valuable links for anyone concerned about quality education.  Come on in and take a look around!

Learners of English will find all types of interactive tests and exercises here: grammar, vocabulary, reading, crosswords, hangman, and more.


The world's leading provider of English language resources for teachers and students.

Fundraisers: 90% Profit Fundraising Ideas!
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Teacher's electronic gradebook software - designed by teachers for teachers. Download your FREE GradeBook software trial today!

Internet Teaching Tools for Language Arts and Reading
This presentation will explore free, on-line teaching tools geared towards language arts and reading teachers. Several tools with teaching strategies will be highlighted.  We will review different strategies to enhance teaching and see examples of various educational language arts sites and ways to use them.  The Internet is a rich resource for teachers, but locating very specific examples and how to use them can be time-consuming.  So, we have culled the Internet for the best material to be used in the classroom.

Just Choices
The goal of the Just Choices program is to encourage students to explore new ideas and reevaluate old ones while developing a strong understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary social justice movements.

Through this program, students will learn how their everyday choices affect others in society and will be inspired to take on issues with passionate civic engagement. 
Educators, order your free copy today!

Literature Enrichment
Classic literature lesson plans including The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

O'Block Books
Your one stop shop for early childhood teaching supplies and materials.

Online Registration
RegOnline enables you to process event registrations and payments online for your meetings and events.

We're here for anyone who is interested in the education of children and young adults. In addition to our online catalog of more than 500 quality products created to develop basic skills, we have many other areas of interest. Most of our products contain some type of worksheets: including reading worksheets, math worksheets, science worksheets, or other types. Please browse; we're sure you will find something interesting.

Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope
Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope by Maggie Steincrohn Davis is recommended for young people, homeschooling parents and classroom teachers--all human beings eager to widen their understanding of true history. Readers discover the essence of what Native and non-Native people have been to one another in this country. They are reminded of their own capacity for good and for peace in these fragile times--and for making a better difference in the world, no matter their ages or the circumstances of their lives. "A beautiful book, both to hold and look at--and especially in its spirit." - Howard Zinn, author of People's History of the United States.

School Fundraisers
School Fundraisers is a central fundraising source for all types of school fundraising ideas. No matter what your school's goals and objectives are, we have a school fundraising program that will work for you. We work with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even colleges.

Share2Learn is a website for learners of all ages. The goals of this site are based on the following beliefs:

  • that learning is a life-long process;
  • that school is not the only place to learn ~ it happens everywhere;
  • that all students are also teachers, all teachers are also students, and all parents are also students and teachers;
  • that when parents, students and teachers work together, all are empowered;
  • that sharing ideas and knowledge is what expands us as people;
  • that we all have something to teach and something to learn.Share2Learn is dedicated to facilitating contact between and among people on all learning paths, recognizing that we are all connected through our ideas and experiences.

Super Teacher Worksheets
Printable worksheets for teachers, parents, tutors, and homeschool families.

The Internet's Best Reference Source



TIMESAVERS for TEACHERS specializes in report card comments/end of year remarks, printable classroom forms, worksheets, spelling activities, practical teacher tools, and downloadable teacher resources that improve classroom management, saving teachers valuable time. Life is way too short to waste time!
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