Free Homeschool Curriculum
Spelling Course

Spelling Lesson 1


properly budget virtue compass
establish excursion diary battery
annual blouse schedule society
gradually expression process university
informed entertainment sketch community



  1. A singular noun means just one person, place, or thing.  A plural noun means more than one.

    Write the fifteen singular nouns given in the second, third, and fourth columns of New Words.

    Opposite each singular noun write its plural form. Review the rules listed in your copy of Spelling Rules.

  2. Two new words end in ly.  Write them.

  3. Write the New Word ending in ed.

  4. Find establish and informed in your dictionary. Copy them in syllables, and then write the whole words.



Spelling Lesson 2










misspell *












* also spelled mis-spell


  1. Write adopt and misspell. Make new words by adding ed and ing to these New Words

  2. Write elected, and answered. Drop the suffix from each and write the root word.

  3. Which rule for adding ed and ing should you follow for cease and seize
    Write cease and seize. Then add ed and ing to each word.

  4. Write delayed and ruined. Then write the root word from which each is formed.

  5. Find the meaning of formal in your dictionary. Write a sentence using formal.

  6. Find advertise, advertising, accompany, and accompanying in your dictionary.
    Write each word in syllables, and then write the whole word.

  7. Write apply and the two New Words formed from it.

  8. Write the root words from which replied and supplied were formed. Write replied and supplied.

  9. Write replying. Write the rule that explains how to add ing to words like reply.

  10. Write the word trapped. What is the rule for adding the suffix?

Spelling Lesson 3























  1. Find these words in your dictionary: occur, refer, compel, commit, submit. Write each word in syllables and place the accent mark correctly. In each word underline the final consonant and the single vowel that precedes it. Now write the New Words formed from the five words given above.

  2. Write permitted. Write the root word from which it is formed.

  3. Five new Words were formed by doubling the final consonant and adding ed or ing to a word of one syllable. Write the New Words and the root words.

  4. Write the New Word that means "all the time".

  5. Find convinced, manager, and determine in your dictionary. Write each word in syllables, and then write the whole words.

  6. Write the New Word beginning with a silent w.

  7. Write in alphabetical order all the New Words beginning with c.

  8. Write the eight New Words that doubled the final consonant before adding ed. Write each of the words, using the suffix ing instead of ed.

Spelling Lesson 4

























  1. List the following words and then beside each write the possessive form:

    chairman, janitor, audience, minister, missionary,

    companion, burglar, committees, partners, seniors,

  2. Write in alphabetical order the New Words in the first two columns.

  3. Write secretary, opportunity, and dictionary. Now write the plural of each.

  4. Write situation, explanation, and considered in syllables. Now write the whole words.

Spelling Lesson 5


aviator photograph verse prairie
helicopter democratic compare pasture
propeller apology resemble awkward
glider heroic sacred alcohol
parachute column bureau toboggan


  1. Write bureau, prairie, and pasture. Now write each word in syllables.

  2. Write column and awkward. Cross out the silent letters in these words.

  3. Write the five New Words that refer to aviation and airplanes.

  4. Write compare and resemble. Make new words by dropping the final e and adding ed to each word.

  5. Write the New Words that might be used to describe (1) our form of government, and (2) a book such as the bible.

  6. Write the New Word that begins and ends with ph. What sound has the ph in this word?

  7. One New Word has only one syllable. Write it.

  8. Write apology, alcohol, and toboggan. Find each word in the dictionary and notice the sound given each a and o, whether long or short. Write each word in syllables and mark the a's and o's either long or short.

  9. Write parachute. Say the word softly. What sound is given to the letters ch?

  10. Find and write the two New Words that end in ic.