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Effective in overcoming dyslexia and other learning difficulties by addressing the underlying shortcomings that interfere with academic performance.

Heads Up!
Heads Up! is a company designed to provide expert information and products for special needs children.  Our items have been selected to accommodate various learning styles and strengths, regardless of curriculum used.  These special needs products have been found to be especially helpful for children who are distractible or hyperactive.

Division for Learning Disabilities, the largest US organization of professionals who work with learning disabilities. DLD operates a Web site specifically designed to bring trustworthy content to teachers about teaching, effective teaching practices, and other important matters related to learning disabilities.

GT World
At GT World, we strive to provide a warm, comfortable, yet challenging environment in which to explore intellectual giftedness and the issues which surround it. These include parenting and advocating for our children, teaching them how to advocate for themselves, the experience of growing up gifted, obtaining an appropriate education, helping gifted kids with learning disabilities, and the wide range of other issues which tend to be flavored strongly by the our own and our children's "difference". To this end, we provide a number of ways for community members to get together.

Landmark School for Learning Disabilities

Lefthanded - Left Handed Products - Large Selection!
Products for the left handed include scissors, books, corkscrews, knives, pens, folders, calligraphy and openers., where one can get up-to-date info. about LD, instructional methods, conferences, and (for members) detailed recommendations about teaching students with LD.

LDOnline, one of the earliest sites on the Web about learning disabilities, includes:

  • Up-to-date news and a monthly feature
  • A host of informative links in a Q-&-A format
  • Well-organized connections for many useful products
  • Even a section just for kids

Uniquely Gifted
Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs
(ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities (LD), Asperger Syndrome, etc.)

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