Cozy English Courses

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course
on DVD

American Library Association

January 1 & 15, 2004  Edition

Gr. 6-12. Retired teacher Marie Rackham follows up The Basic Cozy Grammar Course (2002) with this similarly helpful punctuation primer. Strolling around her comfy home an picturesque Vancouver [Island] B.C. environs, Rackham compares punctuation marks to "traffic signs for reading and writing" and explains how the placement of commas, periods, exclamation points, and other symbols follow speech pauses and verbal inflections. Practical examples show how changing the location of a comma, for example, completely changes the meaning of a sentence. The program features the teacher's homespun advice and punctuation rules in captions. The accompanying workbook enhances the usefulness of this excellent tutorial for classroom or self-study purposes.

Reviewer: Jeff Dick

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