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The Basic Cozy Grammar Course Review

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The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

Guide Rating -  4.5 stars

•  video and workbook integrate well together
•  can use the whole course or just specific parts
•  video locations are varied and interesting

•  not enough exercises to go with each tutorial
•  narrator's style could be annoying to some

The Bottom Line - Uniquely presented video with workbook exercises to compliment each lesson combine to form a well-rounded English grammar course that could be used in many situations.

Guide Review:The Basic Cozy Grammar Course
A fresh approach to a dry subject sets this grammar program apart. The video tutorials are led by an English teacher in and around her beachfront home. The result is a warm, friendly feel. The pace is slow, which can be a distraction if the material is known but helpful if the material is new. I particularly liked the way the teacher gave an example sentence at the beginning of a new concept, then used the example to illustrate the concept. The workbook compliments the video well. After each lesson the video can be paused or stopped and the exercises can be done. Thus the course could be broken into smaller viewing segments. More exercises would be helpful, but there are tests and answer keys at the back of the workbook.


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