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The Basic Cozy Essay Course - Review by EMRO

Rating: Recommended 
Audience Level: Jr. High - Adult
Subject(s): Language, English  
Date Entered: 2/11/2004

The Basic Cozy Essay Course DVD set and workbook is a presentation of the mechanics of how to write an essay, and where to place certain elements within the text of a written essay, and the various types of essays, and their functions and differences. The DVD comes with a reproducible guidebook with examples of essay styles, for what purpose they would be used, and layout. The lessons are taught by retired English teacher Marie Rackham who is noted for her award winning English grammar, and punctuation courses.

For those who are familiar with Rackham’s work appreciate that they will be treated to a stunning teaching environment, set in and around some of the most captivating views in British Columbia. Background classical music by composers Bach, Strauss, and others add to a serene atmosphere conductive to writing. The real life examples used in her teachings make the transfer and application of the information straightforward and easily applied to the construction of producing an essay. Her lessons flow effortlessly, and the length of each is kept short enough to hold the viewer’s attention. The voice of the instructor tends to echo a bit in some spots, but this is just a minor problem that doesn’t diminish the quality of information being taught.

Recommended for purchase by public, academic, and school media centers. The information found on this DVD would be very useful for the independent learner, college student, or as a tutorial to supplement and reinforce classroom instruction. 


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