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The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course

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Hope Marie Cook, Curriculum Center Librarian,
Eastern Connecticut State University

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Rating:   Highly Recommended 
Audience Level: Elementary - Adult
Subject(s): Language, English  
Date Entered: 1/19/2004

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course DVD set and workbook is a presentation of 15 English punctuation tutorials that encompass the rules for the proper use of commas, question marks, colons, and other punctuation. The lessons are taught by retired English teacher Marie Rackham; the background surroundings are set in and around some of the most beautiful views in British Columbia. Classical background music by composers Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, and others add to a peaceful learning environment. The real life examples used in the lessons make the transfer and application of these skills clear-cut.

The transition from one lesson to another is well done and the length of each is kept short enough to hold the viewer’s attention. The voice of the instructor tends to echo a bit in some spots, but this is just a minor problem that doesn’t diminish the quality of information being taught. The instructor has a colorful personality and her enthusiasm for language is evident; this makes the material less tedious and easier to assimilate. The accompanying workbook has a table of contents, lessons that can be photocopied, and some extra information not found on the DVD set. Short, catchy sayings are included in each lesson. For example when explaining the comma the quote attached is: “Of all the punctuation marks, I like the comma best, for when I’m running out of breath she lets me take a rest.” Additionally, in the appendix is a glossary and a listing of the music incorporated in the lessons.

This resource is highly recommended and should be purchased by public, academic, and school media libraries. The information found on these DVD’s would be very useful for the independent learner or as a tutorial to supplement and reinforce classroom instruction. The home schooled population would find this material succinct and practical. Additionally, these materials are a great resource for students who have learned English as a second language.


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