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The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course
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Lesson One
Punctuation At The End Of A Sentence

Period. Question Mark? Exclamation Mark!

Heritage Park Pavilion

Setting: Campbell River Heritage Park

"Periods, question marks, and exclamation marks used at the end of a sentence tell the reader to come to a full stop; just as a stop sign tells a driver to come to a full stop."

Marie demonstrates how these three punctuation marks are used at the end of assertive, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences by making up examples inspired by the First Nations Kwakiutl totems inside the Heritage Park Pavilion Longhouse, the mysterious Watcher totem looking out to sea from the foreshore, and three carvings from the town's annual Shoreline Arts Carving Competition (the Lighthouse Keeper, ever vigilant for ships in distress; and, the wistful old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Tim).

Featured Music:
*El Camino Toodlings (Rackham) *opens all lessons
Sonata in A [K331] Menuetto and Trio (Mozart)


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