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The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course®

"If you can see the sense of punctuation -
Those dots, and lines, and squiggles on the page;
You'll master any language situation,
And be applauded as a punctuation sage."

Marie Rackham

Now, I'm sure you've wondered what all those dots, lines, and squiggles mean; and if not what they mean, then at least how to use them correctly. Using correct punctuation can seem a bit daunting - even experts and publishers don't always agree. But don't worry because in this course Marie presents the most basic and cozy ways to use punctuation marks.  Follow Marie to a lighthouse, a waterfall, a fishing pier, and many other scenic spots while she whisks you through an introduction and fifteen punctuation lessons.

Appropriate for ages 9 to adult.

Punctuation Course



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Lesson Synopsis with photos depicting individual lesson settings.


The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum for home schooling/study for virtually any individual who wants to learn correct punctuation usage.The award-winning format addresses audio, visual, and tactile learning styles.

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course comes complete with two indexed DVDs featuring: an Introduction, 15 tutorials, a conclusion; and, an 89 page reproducible companion workbook on cd, featuring: lesson overviews, exercises, and answer key.176 minutes of on-screen instruction.

ISBN 0-9688271-1-X

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