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Production Values for Video and DVD Productions

production values

Splashes From The River projects are digitally taped using the latest in JVC Digital-S technology and Fujinon lenses. They are edited using an SDI enabled Digital-S deck, Apple computers, LaCie drives and a Media 100 X-R, non-linear editing platform, supported by Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Canvas, Boris Effects, Commotion and Apple Works. To ensure the best possible sound quality, Splashes From The River records audio separately from the picture using a time code synced Fostex Dat recorder, integrating it with the picture in the post production process. When necessary, audio is dubbed in an in-house recording studio, where foley and sound effects work is also done.

Splashes From The River strives always for a warm, cinematic look, which they achieve through the use of a vast array of lighting and grip equipment, including a large inventory of lamps and flags, matte box filters, reflectors, chimeras, silk overheads, a Viper camera boom and an Elemack Cricket Dolly with tracking.

All the music used in Splashes From The River projects is produced in the Splashes studio using a Korg Trinity Pro Workstation, Digidesign Pro Tools and Mark Of The Unicorn software.

Much energy is expended to insure that the digital masters sent out for VHS and DVD duplication are of the best possible quality.


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