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Caring in Remembered Ways  
Caring in Remembered Ways by maggie steincrohn davis honors ways of caring the heart knows--deep-seeing ways that go beyond courtesy and kindness and empathy to the living compassion that embraces all the rest. This personal, practical book reminds us that true caring neither starts nor stops at the bedside, and extends to all life. It is the second book in a trilogy of one woman's life unfolding, and fitting for teachers, homeschooling parents, caregivers, ministers, counselors, volunteers, young people---all of us who want to nourish each other in ways we can feel, no matter the circumstances of our lives. "I love this book. It's a spiritual healing."--Gary Barg, publisher/editor-in-chief Today's Caregiver Magazine

Life Coach Directory
this website is a support network of UK life coaches, with information on their training and experience, areas of life coaching covered, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use.

Motivational Business Speaker, Yossi Ghinsberg
Change, Challenge, Stressful Environments - adversity is part of personal and professional life; being a victim is a matter of choice. 

A truly gifted motivational speaker, Yossi's messages get to the hearts and minds of his audiences.
Corporations and organisations worldwide are experiencing Yossi's keynote presentations and seminars to be effective in transforming attitudes, creating positive outlooks and empowering right action. A natural born storyteller, Yossi's presentations become the talk of every event.

Natural Life
Your Guide to Sustainable Healthy Living.


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