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In recent years many studies have been conducted on the effects of classical music on learning. The results of these studies are interesting and varied: increased I.Q.'s, accelerated learning, greater retention of material learned, lowered blood pressure and heart beat, to name a few.

Deep in the brain there is a band of white fibers connecting the right and left halves of the cerebrum called the corpus callosum. Very recently researchers have discovered that the corpus callosum increases in size when humans are exposed to quiet, classical music. This increase in size increases the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain which, in turn, increases learning efficiency. The optimum ages for the increase of the corpus callosum are from birth to ages 5 or 6, and during puberty.

For a number of years I taught remedial English at the Grades 8, 9, and 10 levels. The students were not stupid, but they were disorganized and hyperactive. While I worked on their organizational skills, I also addressed their hyperactivity. First, I encouraged them to reduce their consumption of "junk" food by telling them that sugar and processed carbohydrates "dumb down" the brain; and second, I played tapes of quiet, classical music. Of course they thought the music was "dumb," but I ignored their remarks and let the music continue. The results were amazing. Ten to fifteen minutes into the class the hyperactivity reduced and learning was able to take place.

A few years ago I saw a television documentary about the effects of music on plants. The experimenters set up two terrariums, each containing a variety of plants, and each connected to an audio speaker. Into one terrarium they played classical music, and into the other they played hard rock music. After a time the plants exposed to the classical music leaned toward the speaker; but, the plants exposed to hard rock music leaned away from the speaker. Are we so different from plants?

Every generation has its own "fun" music and this is as it should be. However, studies show that in a learning environment classical, instrumental music, played at a low level, enhances and accelerates learning. The Cozy Classroom Collection is a selection of piano compositions, which have been performed and edited for quiet background listening, to facilitate learning.

Marie Rackham


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