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Comments from Marie's colleagues


"I am very satisfied with The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. The reason I purchased this course is that this fall, I have decided to go back to college after 20 years. This course is a perfect stepping stone to build my confidence in writing properly. I am only half way through the lessons, but I just had to commend you on the excellent course."

Sharon L.  Capistrano Beach, CA

"Most of the students and tutors who are taking part in doing the grammar course are very enthusiastic about both the video and the workbook part of the course.  What students find most beneficial is being able to see, hear, and then work with the concepts  being presented.  One student, who has been with the program for several years and has never shown any interest in grammar before, is particularly pleased at being able to grasp these lessons even though he is not a strong reader. Another student was completely stuck on understanding adjectives so we skipped ahead to this lesson.  It made things a great deal clearer, and he was able to continue with confidence."

"Most of us, both students and tutors, think that Marie's teaching style is amusing, and we learn better when we can laugh. I think the overall course is a wonderful addition to basic book learning and teaching, especially in an adult literacy class where many people read at a very basic level, and where the methods used in school have obviously been a failure."

"Thank you very much for allowing us to experience this method of learning."

Carol Forbes: Adult Literacy Instructor

"The setting was very pretty and therefore relaxing. The lessons are good, especially as key terms and concepts are highlighted by placing them in a caption at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easier to follow the video. The recapitulation at the end of the lesson was helpful, as were the ample examples. As a resource, I think this course could be valuable. Many people have more grammatical problems than they realize. Enlivening a dry grammar book with a video to punctuate the lessons may solve some problems that many would never seek to mend."

"I am a student of English and Medieval Studies having studied French, German, and Latin: languages which have broadened my understanding of English and leave me feeling that a resource such as this can benefit everyone."

Amy Braye: University Student

"I bought the grammar course as a personal refresher and as a gift for my grandson.  He isn't quite old enough to use it yet; but, at least it will be available to him when he is.  I like to be able to help him out whenever I can."

Judy S., Concerned Grandparent - Illinois

"I am using The Basic Cozy Grammar Course to personally improve my writing skills. I highly recommend it as an adult learning tool - especially for older adults, like me, who are always looking for ways to better themselves."

W. Rowe - California

"This course works very well for my learning style. Not only am I an audio/visual learner, but repetition is a key factor in aiding me to grasp new concepts. Being able to watch the lessons more than once has truly been beneficial and the workbook helps to reinforce what I have learned."

Dorothy C. - Mississippi

The Basic Cozy Grammar course is exceptional!  Marie is an incredibly gifted teacher, and the workbook exercises, I found invaluable.  I highly
recommend it to all who want to improve their Grammar.

C.S. MacPherson - New York


 'It's a pleasure to write this testimonial in regards to, The Basic Cozy Grammar Course."

"I'm the director of a training department for a national health care management company.  I used the course for a train-the-trainer series that I held.  I was a little apprehensive at first to use this with an adult population.  Especially because they thought they knew 'how to' use grammar in the composition of  training materials.  From my point of view the lessons were cognitively ordered in a fashion that made them
easily understood using teaching approaches that reinforced what they have been learning.  In addition, the workbook provided strong reinforcement of the lessons and is used frequently as a resource tool."

"From their point(s) of view they found the course was presented in a delightful manner using a unique approach in pleasant surroundings. They also mentioned they were fun and easy."

As a side note:  "They found Marie to be an endearing character that created a very comfortable learning environment." 

Karen M. Samples
CMS-Director, Colleague Development - Arizona

A great refreshing review of grammar basic skills.

  Michael Johnson,
Master Business Appraiser

English as a Second Language

What a wonderful investment!

Since we opened our ESL Homestay School 3 years ago, we have bought a plethora of programs.  Most of them sit on the shelves gathering dust.  There is one notable exception to the rule - The Basic Cozy Grammar Course.

Our students vie to see who will get the tape next as it does its round from room to room and one of the hardest rules we have to enforce is "only one lesson a day."

I am looking forward to receiving the new punctuation course.  If it is only half as good as "Cozy Grammar" it will be worth every cent.

Thank you for an excellent product!

Norman K. Archer
Mountainside English Language Academy

Last year , I wrote to the Primer Miinister. I told him that the method of teaching imigrant people was wrong. His aswered me, but didn't change. The ESL classes are continuing boring.

I have had some problems to learn english. I gave up some class. Today I went to library and I got your video. It's amazing!

I am just writing to say "Thank you so much"!

Thank you to show my e-mail to Marie. She is beautiful, kind, happy and extrovert person! She is a teacher that I have looked for all my life.

Gina( from Brazil/live now in North Vancouver)

As an ESL consultant and developer of specialized ESL and TESL programs, I would like to commend Ms. Rackham on the creation of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. I have been so pleased with the uniqueness of this program that I have recommended it to various international language schools and ESL students. In fact, the viewing of these videotapes is a recommended activity in the Grammar Module of the International TESOL Certificate Program created by our company. 

I believe that all ESL teachers could benefit from viewing Ms Rackham's relaxed, systematic and clear approach to presenting grammar topics. Similarly, ESL students - young and old - who are confused or frightened by English grammar have all responded positively to The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. The grammar worksheets included in the package further support the effective learning of grammatical concepts. I look forward to the development of a similar grammar program at an advanced level.

Congratulations to Ms Rackham and the whole Splashes From the River team on a unique and valuable contribution to the field of English language learning.

Rebecca Azoulay
Diplomat Educational Services, Inc.

"I loved the Cozy Grammar video/workbook course. In studying to become a certified ESL teacher I found this program extremely helpful as a review and in understanding the different parts of grammar and their proper use. The demonstrations were very helpful.

I am looking forward to using this program with my future ESL students - what a great teaching tool!"

Cheryl P. - Ontario

"I am using the Cozy Grammar Course with my six year old son. My first language is Chinese, and I have always spoken to my son in Chinese so that he will keep it up. The problem is that he is now ready to start first grade, and he needs to focus on his English. I bought the Cozy Grammar to help him with this, and I am so happy I did. It has be helping both of us with our pronunciation because the teacher speaks so clearly and enunciates everything carefully. My son has also been picking up some of the grammar, which I hadn't expected. It is helping my writing skills also. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

L. L. - Texas


Enjoyable way to learn English grammar terms

Video expertly employs a multiple intelligence approach to learning

Great for reviewing everything from the basics to complex sentence structure


Not for ESL students wanting to focus on conversational English

Students need a solid grasp of English to take full advantage of the product

The Bottom Line - A fine product for ESL learners who plan to follow university courses in an English speaking country as the course focuses principally on structural understanding to improve a deeper understanding of the workings of English

Kenneth Beare has worked with foreign speakers of English for more than 14 years in Germany, New York, and Italy. His students have included foreign students entering the American university system, ex-Soviet block immigrants to the United States, and competitive businessmen in Europe

"I have been using the course with a nine year old Japanese boy, a ten year old girl and two eleven year olds. All of them have previously lived in America and are fluent English speakers. I teach them privately one on one and make the video part of the lesson. The video works very well for presenting the material. They are interested in the scenery and think Marie is really funny. Also they get excited when they recognize the music as many kids here in Japan take piano lessons. The retention of the terms is especially good. They can not only match the terms with examples but also spell the terms. Sometimes when we watch the video again we listen for the different types of birds that we hear. They were really excited when I pointed out the sounds of eagles!"

"Another class I use the video in is a third year university class. The focus of the class is teaching techniques for teaching English communicatively (as opposed to grammar translation or listen and repeat). I am using the course to teach grammar terms in order to enable students to easily give definitions and examples of  the different parts of grammar. Everyone is attentive and interested in the scenery. The language is clear and easy to follow and the repetition is enough for them to catch the meaning easily."

Michael Mielke: ESL Instructor Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to get this wonderful English course.

This is one of the best materials on English grammar I have ever seen.

Thanks, again!

Milton H: Sweden


Who am I?
A state certified teacher.
A private tutor.
A paid curriculum consultant.
I teach my own 6-year-old, 8-year-old, and 14-year-old.
I teach a 16-year-old recent Russian immigrant.
I teach a high school SLD/dyslexic student.
I tutor several middle- and high-school students in composition (including applied grammar, of course).
So what?
Well, I'm very excited about Marie's Cozy Grammar course. A friend purchased Cozy Grammar and offered to let me preview it during her 30-day trial period.
The result?
I have purchased the course, and I have since told another friend who has now also purchased the course.
What do we all like about it?
Cozy Grammar is basic--simple and clear in its presentation. The DVD format allows our children to achieve some independence in their instruction as well as review the information as often as necessary.
The backdrops are gorgeous, but not distracting.
Marie is straightforward, consistent, and (my favorite) seems to have a good sense of humor.
I look forward to your next endeavor at Splashes from the River!


Kendra O'Connor: Teacher, Tutor, Homeschooling Parent - Florida

My son, who is eleven, looked forward to his daily grammar lessons with Marie.  I enjoyed them too.  In fact, as we would sit on the couch with our cup of tea, it felt more like we were visiting with an old friend in her beautiful home, than learning grammar.  But, learn we did, in a seemingly effortless way.     

It may sound strange, but we were both quite sad when the programme ended.  I think my son's words may tell you better than I, just how much he liked learning grammar in Marie's special way.  He said, "Why can't Marie teach everything?"

Home-based Learning family in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Basic Cozy Grammar Course on DVD

"No-Frills" version

This is an excellent Basic Grammar course on DVD. The instructor is engaging and very effective. I used this to teach my reluctant 7th grader. He doesn't exactly "love" grammar now, but he is no longer intimidated

This is the No-Frills version of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course which consists of 27 English Grammar lessons on 2 DVDs and Workbook on CD ROM (includes Lesson Outline, Exercises, Tests and Answer Key) packaged in a Jewel Case.

The No-Frills version really worked well for our family. In addition to being less expensive, we didn't have to find room for another thick workbook on our shelf. We would watch the lesson together, then I would print the lesson and exercise for my son to complete. After grading, we would recycle the paper - except for the tests and random exercises which I would place in his portfolio.

This is an especially good deal for families with more than one student, since you may print as many exercise and test sheets as necessary.

Clarice - Garnet Moon Academy (South Carolina homeschooling Mom)

"My 10 year old daughter, Alexa, found language a chore and boring. As a homeschool Mom, I searched high and low for a program that would stimulate her interest. I tried other curriculums. Other Moms recommended The Basic Cozy Grammar Course. When it arrived in no time at our home, we tried it. My daughter was excited! Excited! Now she asks to do her lessons! I find myself having to help her pace herself. The woman teaching the lessons, Miss Marie, is priceless. Alexa identifies with her and can't wait to spend time with her through the next lesson. When Daddy comes home, Alexa wants to tell him what Miss Marie did and said that day. Other programs may teach, but not inspire to remember things learned. Miss Marie instills the lessons of grammar in a way Alexa will never forget! It's for all learning styles. You have helped me give my daughter the gift of a love and zeal for learning we couldn't find before. Please create more subjects for us, but only let Miss Marie do the teaching! She's a treasure."

Darcie P., Homeschooling Mom - Kentucky

"Although we have not yet begun to use the Cozy Grammar course, our family viewed it in order to get an idea of the presentation. We feel that Marie's colorful, comical, unique and eclectic personality will be just the thing to help our thirteen and sixteen year old boys retain the lesson concepts."

T. Johnson, Homeschooling Parent - Wisconsin

"The Basic Cozy Grammar Course really helps to promote an easy understanding of grammar. We especially appreciate the extensive use of on-screen writing. The way the words change color as Marie points to them, makes the concepts so clear and easy to follow. My children respond to it wonderfully. It reminds me of a T.V. show I liked as a child called, 'The Electric Company'."

Homeschooling Dad

"Engaging enough for my active five-year-old son to watch every minute."

"Instructional enough for my eleven-year-old son to ace the final exam."

"Cozy Grammar proves that grammar lessons need not be tedious or dull, for a teacher or a student. All three of our children loved learning grammar Marie's way and we want to visit her at her cozy house."

"Thank you Marie and Splashes From The River for such a quality learning video."

Mrs. Fraser - Home Educator - Indiana

"Just Excellent!  When I was in school, I was grammatically challenged even though I did very well in other language arts areas.  I have learned considerably more from watching these videos with my children than I ever did in school.  I wish I'd had it then.  My children enjoy it because it is fun, easy, self-explanatory, and they love Marie.  Very Delightful."

Marilyn V., Homeschool Mom - Florida

"As a way to learn grammar, this beats boring text books, and the kids grasp the concept quickly. I will/have been recommending it to the homeschoolers here."

Annmarie B. Homeschooling Mom - Australia

"My daughter previously disliked studying grammar. She is an avid reader and as a result she could recognize poor grammar, but didn't understand the mechanics of it. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course has made the study of formal grammar enjoyable for her."

T.G., Homeschooling Mom - New Mexico

"I believe that my children's education is an extension of my parenting. I like to use a variety of approaches in my homeschool language arts curriculum and that applies to grammar as well.  Cozy Grammar has been a wonderful addition to my collection of resources. My children watch it intently, and they like to keep watching. They truly enjoy it because it's fun and not so dry, and best of all, they retain what's being taught. The lessons are succinct and not tedious, and the exercises are effective without being too much. I would recommend Cozy Grammar to other homeschoolers. Please tell Marie and all the people who made this program possible, that we appreciate it very much."

R.R. -  Homeschooling Mom, Gainesville, VA

"This course is a refreshing change from regular texts and workbooks. The video captured my children's attention and helped them to develop a better understanding of grammar. The written portion of the lessons is easy to work through once a lesson has been watched and learned."

Tania D. Homeschooling Mom - British Columbia

"My 6 year old gifted daughter just loved 'The Basic Cozy Grammar
Course'. She watched it with great interest and picked up most of the concepts after a few viewings. The material is clearly printed on the screen, with vivid and congenial presentations by Marie. The clarity and personal touch helped my daughter easily acquire what is generally considered complex material for older students."

Susan Lawrence, homeschooling mom
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA

"I have three children with different learning styles and they all love The Basic Cozy Grammar Course.  Although I have spent some time on grammar with my children, they picked up more just watching the video than they did from any books that I have used.  I have one child that is dyslexic and she really responded well to the video presentation.  This course has great content without the hype. We really appreciate it."

Heidi L., Homeschooling Mom - Pennsylvania

"My daughter would be considered a special ed student and suffers from ADD. She particularly needed to improve her poor writing skills.  While she found the background music somewhat distracting, she nevertheless loved the course, and it was extremely beneficial in improving her skills."

Jan F., Homeschool Teacher - Montana

"Our family has enjoyed the Basic Cozy Grammar Course very much. Marie Rackham is thorough and imaginative in her teaching and presentation of material. She provides solid teaching with clear examples."

"This program is a great teaching tool for all ages. One added bonus to the program is the spectacular photography and music!"

Karen Bowman, Homeschool Mom -Texas

"We have watched 4 of the lessons and I can already tell you that this is going to be one of the best purchases for our homeschool! My 7 year-old, who has a difficult time with grammar, was so excited when he could grasp what a subject and a predicate are. We do have a "book" grammar course, but I know that this video course is going to really make those lessons come alive for my children. When my son can actually SEE something described and can HEAR it being taught, then it makes it all the more real for him."

K. Price: Homeschool Parent - Tennessee

I am homeschooling two sons, ages 10 and 12.  At first I wasn't sure how my sons would respond to this "cozy" grammar course but they thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, on one particular day, my 10 year old didn't want to stop at the end of the lesson. He wanted to continue working on grammar.  One of the things that I personally liked about the course is the fact that the paper work is not excessive.

Marie, thank you for a clear and professional program.

Mrs. Little: Homeschool Parent - Mississippi

"My kids used the grammar course and loved it better than learning from textbooks.  At least when they had their grammar lessons, I didn't get the usual complaints."

Mary E., Homeschooling Parent - Wisconsin

We are in the process of using the cozy grammar videos.  I am homeschooling my 7th grade daughter and needed to brush up on my skills as well as teach Chelsea hers.  The video has been a great help!

A. Nicolas: Homeschool Parent - Florida

My daughter likes your course and it has really helped her understand the English grammar. We are waiting for the high school course with anticipation. We home school, so I would recommend it to any home schoolers out there. I have about $500 dollars worth of English grammar programmes, in search of the perfect programme that covers everything, without a lot of nonsense. You get bits and pieces of information, but nothing quite as straight forward as The Basic Cozy Grammar Course, or as easy to understand. To get the exercises and score keys with it is quite a plus. I especially like the dvd's. One can go straight to the lesson we need, without waiting.

I am also helping a friend's son with grammar.  He tells me that it is helping him a lot. He is in grade 8, and I was amazed to hear that there was such a lot that he has never even been taught. Marie is right. Grammar does not seem to be a big issue out there at some schools; but it is a real big issue in life.  It is the foundation of all other education that we can attain.

Her course has inspired me to go back to school to get my TESL.

You did a great job, Marie!

Elizabeth F., Homeschool Parent - Ontario


"What a fun way to learn grammar!  Everything is clear
and simple--and you can easily review each concept as many times as you want to.  Although we have enjoyed the videos together, the nice thing about Cozy Grammar is that parental guidance is not a requirement.  We will be using it as a review course each year in our homeschool."

S. Starks, Homeschool Parent - California

"I ordered The Basic Cozy Grammar Course as a gift for my Grandchildren.  Their writing skills have greatly improved since they began using the course and I am thrilled with their progress.  Please keep me on your mailing list for future products."

Edward R., Concerned Grandparent - Texas

"We have really enjoyed the basic grammar course. The 'real life' presentation especially appealed to us."

K. Slack, Homeschool Parent - Texas

“What I enjoyed about the video is that it put the learning of grammar into real life situations, for example learning pronouns around the dinner table. I like the larger font used in the workbook and there are a limited number of practice questions. If the child needs more drill, additional questions can be made up. It is not grade specific so you can use if for a wide range of ages usually found in the homeschool family.”

Janet Rainbow, Homeschooling Consultant

"We ordered the grammar course as a gift for our nieces and nephews. They have thoroughly enjoyed it."

Bill and Judy - Texas

Thank you so very much for the beauty, warmth and great information you share in your Cozy Grammar/Punctuation courses.  Another homeschooling mother and I trade expertise and she shared your courses with me. You truly make a rather daunting subject come alive for children as well as for their mothers!


"We have just begun using the Basic Cozy Grammar Course, and thus far have been enjoying it very much. Our children are grasping the material, and I like the fact that each lesson is not too long.  The scenery and settings for the lessons help make learning grammar more interesting, and it is quite refreshing to hear classical music."

Nancy O., Homeschool Parent - Delaware



You are great!   WHat a phenomenal video you have created!

Thanks for making these videos.  I am a retired elementary school principal and hold the same view on grammar instruction as you do!  I'm so glad this is available for everyone to enjoy!

I commend you for your creativity and insight and this fantastic video grammar instructional program you have created!

Iris Rivera (2013)

Just wanted to let you and Marie know how pleased I am with this program.
My son who is 15 has never enjoyed language arts. He wants to do more than
one lesson a day!! That has never happened before. Now he is breaking sentences
apart and identifying them in our everyday conversations.

It's so fun to hear. He loves how it is presented. He even told me that it will help him write better sentences.

Just wanted to let you know.

Thanks, Dita Mallon (2012)




"I am absolutely dazzled by the content of this course. As a new Language Arts teacher, I am ecstatic to have discovered The Basic Cozy Grammar Course."

"Students so often groan at grammar time. However, now they will be pleading to watch one more lesson in anticipation of what island wonders will be next. The short grammar lessons given by Marie are clear, concise and easy to follow. The music, scenery and cottage grace the lessons with warmth and island beauty. Each clip illustrates beautifully the essence of the lesson. The anticipation of what will come next and how the story will be told keeps me riveted."

"Each lesson is an island bouquet. Beautiful paper flowers amongst island greens make common prepositions real. A painting of a rock pool and the brilliant transition to the live pool itself breath life into adjective phrases. The eagle on top of the rock - WOW! The misplaced phrase scene is outrageous and Marie's laughter contagious. Marie perched high on an eagle rock metaphorically representing coordinate conjunctions is delightfully cheeky and her dialogue with the crab pool a treat for any child or adult.  'The pool is calm yet alive,' she says, these words echoing the lessons themselves - calm but filled with life and laughter. The evening scene with the brilliant night sounds and the crackle of fire bring to life the sounds of interjections. The garden scene with Karen, Alexander and Devon is lovely. The little voices of children, their small hands and wonderment are the perfect setting for the conjugation of verbs. The daisy chain gift from Devon to Marie incredibly touching and beautiful. The common errors Elmer scene is an absolute roar."

Dawn Ford: Language Arts Teacher

"We thoroughly enjoy Marie and love the classical music soundtrack.  I am a 'summer schooling' Mom. My children are in the public school system and I like to enhance their language arts skills with some extra summertime instruction.  The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is fantastic for review on a yearly basis and having an extra instructor (Marie) available is a blessing."

Adrianna N. - Virginia

Seneca College Seneca College

Video of the Month: April 2003

Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a great video for people learning English grammar for the first time and for people who want to brush up on their knowledge. If you'd like to feel more confident with public speaking, or improve your skills for writing business letters, resumes and formal e-mail, this video will help.

"I am a public school 6th grade teacher and homeschooling Mom. I built my language arts curriculum around The Basic Cozy Grammar Course, and as a result  the reading and writing skills of my students have improved considerably. Many of the students study music, so they also recognized and enjoyed the classical piano pieces."

S.B. Los Gatos, CA

"The grammar course is wonderful!  My son, who is slightly learning disabled, has used the course over the past year. He now has no fear of grammar, and this course has helped to keep him on par with his classmates. Best of all, he CHOOSES to watch it!"

Denise F. - New York

"Well organized, easy to use. A multi-modality tool for learning grammar. A great reference to supplement class work."

Carol J. - Massachusetts

"A delightfully refreshing approach to teaching grammar, the Basic Cozy Grammar Course lends itself to a variety of instructional contexts: Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Business English, home-schooling, libraries, distance education, and community learning centers, to name but a few. Familiar settings for lessons such as the beach, the woodshed, and the dinner table, help students to associate grammar with everyday conversation. A highly recommended teaching tool.

Janet Richardson, BHE, BC Teaching Certificate, MDE

"I showed the course to students at the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade levels.  I thought that the grade 9 students might object to the learning style, but when I told them that I was going to use a different program, they didn't want me to change. The students commented that she (Marie) speaks clearly and that they could understand what was being taught."

"I plan to use both the grammar and punctuation courses at the grade 6 level in this coming year."

Cindy W., Charter School Teacher - Florida

"Overall, I think the program is useful and well thought out. I enjoyed the scenery, the music and the quality of production from sound to graphics. The content is strong and well presented, making it easy to follow and learn."

Lorrie Joron: Middle School Teacher

“As a former elementary teacher and Learning Assistant and E.S.L. teacher at the junior level, I wish I had had access to this grammar course. Marie’s relaxed, concise but clear instructions take away any intimidation a teacher, student or homeschooling parent might have about teaching grammar.”

Mary Clark

“I love the fact that the lessons are delivered not only visually through the use of images and strong graphics, but orally as well. As teachers we know that some students are visual learners, and others are audio learners. The Basic Cozy Grammar Course covers all aspects. I usually start my classes with some silent reading and then I put in the video and have the kids do the exercises. The length of the lessons fit nicely within the time structure of the class. The workbook is very well laid out. It is clear and concise and as a teacher it is very convenient to have an answer key. Following Marie's advice in the introduction to the workbook, I have the kids write the exercises out by hand so they can work on their penmanship. Best of all, my students really enjoy watching the video. They like the entertainment aspect and a lot of kids comment on the interesting camera angles, the beautiful west coast scenery, the incredible gardens and surprisingly, even the classical music soundtrack. All of my students ask me when I am going to play the video again. It works great in the classroom and I think it would be great for homeschooling as well.”

Mark Lagos: Middle School English Teacher

"The kids thought Marie was very humorous and they enjoyed watching her. By the second or third lesson they ended up saying examples aloud with Marie, mimicking her, and having a great time. Students have mentioned that they finally understand grammar because it's being taught in a fun and innovative way (not just watching the teacher write notes on the chalk board, or on the overhead projector). They enjoyed the lessons, found them easy to understand, and generally did well on the worksheets."

Heather MacIntosh: Middle School English Teacher

"The video is very easy to follow and very well presented. The visuals are strong and interesting and I really liked how the main points were reiterated with graphics. I could see it being very useful for E.S.L. students."

Lorna MacIntosh

“I think the course is awesome! It should have been made a long time ago. I hope it gets into all the schools.”

Alison Keefe: Parent


"I think that the Cozy Grammar Video is a great way of learning because it's funny and educational at the same time. The video is clear and lessons are easy to understand and remember because it's funny."

Shawn D.: Grade 9 Student

"I think the Cozy Grammar is really nice. I'd like to move to where the teacher lives, because it is beautiful, and I like the beach."

"I like Cozy Grammar because the lady is funny and friendly. I like the reading and writing that comes on the picture, and I like how the colors change on the words."

Homeschooled Boys, ages 11 and 13 - Virginia

Project Read Newsletter (March/April 2003)
San Mateo Public Library

A Student Recommends:

"To whoever wants to learn about adjectives, adverbs, comparisons of adverbs, phrases and prepositions, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, principal clauses and compound sentences, conjugation of verbs, nouns, and pronouns, verb phrases, agreement of verbs and verb tenses, I recommend The Basic Cozy Grammar Course."

"The Basic Cozy Grammar Course* contains two videotapes. When you watch the tapes, you will find out all of the explanations you need to learn, and it will be easy for you to work in the workbook. I say that it is easy because that is how I did it. I learned a lot using this course."


*(There are two sets of this course in the library. One is in the Project Read Collection on the 3rd floor and the other is in the ESL collection on the 2nd floor)

"When our teacher said we were going to learn grammar, and he started playing a video tape, everyone kind of looked at each other like, ‘Oh no! grammar.’ But after watching the first lesson everyone seemed to get into it. Even the camera work and stuff is pretty cool. It worked really well."

Carissa: Grade 8 Student

"It is cool because the teacher is on tape. If you don't understand something or hear her, you can stop and rewind. The video shows how we use parts of speech like adverbs and adjectives in every day life."

Meghan Ford: Age 13

"This is fun!"

Haya Nakazaki: Age 9 ESL Student


"Mrs. Rackham’s teaching style might be best characterized by the phrase “dramatic”. She throws her total personality into instruction and as a consequence, receives the enthusiastic input of all of her students.  As a result of this infectious enthusiasm, Mrs. Rackham undoubtedly draws many students who might otherwise be “turned off” in more traditional teaching formats.  She doesn't hesitate to take on students who do not fit the expectations of other teachers and has often been very successful in turning these students around.  The standard of work submitted by her senior class is high and the expectations she sets are equally challenging.  Her modified English class is marked by output not previously accomplished by these students.  The informal framework of Mrs. Rackham’s lessons does not detract from the quality of the input nor the standard of the output; in fact the opposite can be said – the achievement is enhanced."

D. Muir: Secondary School Principal
(in a report to the District Superintendent of Schools)


"Mrs. Rackham’s warm and sensitive humour has earned her the respect and love of her students and colleagues alike."  

L. Nash: Deputy Superintendent of Schools
(in a report to the Ministry of Education)

"Mrs. Rackham has exhibited the qualities and abilities associated with the master teacher."

W. Harle: Secondary School Principal

"I am elated that Marie Rackham has recreated her style of teaching on video and in print. Twenty-five years ago in an elementary classroom, Marie was my teacher. As a university researcher and teacher today, I have a great appreciation for her creative and dynamic approach to grammar. I remain in awe.

Dawn Ford: University of Alberta Faculty of Education Associate AISI Coordinator

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