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The Basic Cozy (English) Grammar Course
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"Grammar does not make you creative; it is a technique that enhances your creativity. If you can't speak well and write well, your windows of opportunity are closed."

Marie Rackham


The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

Imagine learning grammar in front of a cozy fire with soft strains of classical music playing in the background, or on the beach while gulls and eagles soar overhead. Marie will quickly make you feel at home in her cozy beachside cottage. In this "living textbook", while she walks you through her cottage and around the grounds, she walks you through the rules and concepts of basic English grammar in a whimsical, fun-loving way.

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

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Appropriate for ages 9 to adult

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum for: home schooling, private tutoring, ESL students, adult literacy applications, and virtually any individual who wants to learn correct grammar usage. The award-winning format addresses audio, visual, and tactile learning styles.

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course comes Complete with two indexed DVD's featuring: an Introduction, 27 Tutorials, a Conclusion; and, a 127 page Reproducible Companion Workbook on CD, featuring: lesson overviews, exercises, tests, and answer key. 156 minutes of on-screen instruction.

ISBN: 0-9688271-3-6 (on DVD)

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