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I Underline the nouns in the following sentences.

1.Mary told the gardener about the flowers.
2.Night sank upon the dusky beach and on the purple sea.
3.Above the altar in the chapel John saw a beautiful picture.

II Underline the pronouns in the following sentences.

1. I saw him with her.
2.Mary says she found it.
3.Have you seen them today?
4.They left us at the depot.

III Underline the verbs in the following sentences.

1.He sleeps soundly.
2.We fought a good fight.
3.He talked for two hours.
4.He became an official soon after.
5.The swallows twitter underneath the eaves.
6.He walked, ran, and jumped to the park.

IV Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

1.The young boy bought three oranges.
2.Red cherries grew on the old tree.
3.The way was long; the wind was cold.
4.The green corn sways in the gentle breeze.
5.His voice was loud and shrill.

V Underline the adverbs in the following sentences.

1.He sang sweetly.
2.Mary is a very clever girl.
3.They went for a rather long walk.
4.The weather is unusually cold.
5.She came down too soon.
6.How brightly the full moon shines!

VI Underline the conjunctions in the following sentences. Tell whether the conjunctions join nouns, adjectives, adverbs, phrases, or clauses.

1.He called but no one answered.       Clauses
2.He spoke slowly and sadly.               Adverbs
3.They are poor but honest.                  Adjectives
4.Will you have tea or coffee?              Nouns
5.They raced over the hills and across the valley.    Phrases

VII Underline the interjections in the following sentences.

1.Alas,the kitten is dead!
2.Oh! I dropped the book.
3.Bravo!That was an excellent play.
4.Hurrah,the team won the trophy!
5.Ah,what a lovely dress!
6.Wow! He hit the ball over the fence and made a home run.

VIII Underline the phrases in the following sentences and tell whether they are adjective or adverb phrases.

1.The broken plate lay on the floor.           Adverb
2.They arrived by the last boat.                 Adverb
3.The point of my pencil breaks easily.    Adjective
4.The colors of the sunrise are glorious.  Adjective
5.Into the sea the sun went down.             Adverb
6.The title of that poem is most suitable. Adjective
7.She picked a bouquet of wild roses.    Adjective
8.The dog jumped over the fence.            Adverb

IX Look at the underlined word and tell what part of speech it is (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)

1.The sound of her voice sent the child into a sound slumber.  Noun/Adjective
2.In fall the leaves fall and decay.  Noun/Verb
3.It was a cold, fall day.  Adjective
4.The horse walked down the street and fell down.     Preposition/Adverb
5.William runs fast. He is a fast runner.  Adverb/Adjective
6.This is hard workAdjective/Noun
7.They work hardVerb/Adverb


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