Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Geography Matters
Committed to help you find fun & effective ways to teach Geography, History and Science.
Earth Science News, maps, dictionary, and articles

Heroes Of History
Basic facts, vignettes, links and extensive reading lists promote diverse Heroes of History (including Mother Teresa, George Washington Carver, Florence Nightingale and Black Elk) who all personified worthy values:courage, commitment, learning, perseverance and humility.

History Matters
Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. History courses. This site serves as a gateway to Web resources and offers useful materials for teaching U.S. history.

History's Women
A magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history and recognizing the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to reach their goals.

HyperHistory Online
Over 2000 files covering 3000 years of world history.

JetPunk has created hundreds of fun and interesting quizzes. Whether you are a trivia nut, want to expand your horizons, or just want something fun. We have a bunch of geography quizzes, that are great for learning countries.

Maps That Teach
Interactive and fun, Maps that Teach help students learn basic aspects of geography, so that the information on reference maps becomes useful.

Sheppard Software
Educational History and Geography games and activities for kids of all ages - free online.

Today in History
Each day, an event from American history is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of Congress.

US Historical Documents
A Chronology of US Historical Documents from pre-Colonial to present day

World History Archives
Documents to support the study of world history from a working-class and non-Eurocentric perspective.

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