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This course introduces a basic formula for writing an essay; however, this format can be used successfully at all levels of education and communication.

When you do not know how to write an essay, it can be a fearsome assignment. I know from personal experience. I failed second year university English three times; not because I didn't know the material, but because I did not know how to organize my thoughts (I did not have an essay format). The next time I attempted the course I was fortunate to have a very caring and competent professor. I explained my problem to him and he taught me how to format an essay. This is the same format I am passing on to you. Using this format my grades rose from an F to an A, and I went on to major in English. 

This same professor had a simple teaching philosophy, "No one fails, if they have the tools." This became my teaching philosophy also. The "tools" are the basics: phonics; spelling; punctuation;  grammar; and the various formats for all written communication: essays, business letters, newspaper articles, novels, etc. No skill can be learned instantly; but a good teacher can present a step-by-step learning process that can be interesting, exciting, and stimulating.

I wish you much success with this course, and remember: No one fails if they have the tools.

Marie Rackham



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