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Lesson 4

Expository Essay

Setting: The driftwood bridge leading down to the beach; the rocky stretch of beach leading out to Eagle Rock Pond near the low tide line. (9:37)


"Now let's do an Expository Essay using our basic essay format. An Expository Essay expresses personal opinions and observations. Come with me down to the beach where we can observe, form opinions, and construct an essay. The beach is a microcosm of the Earth. We can find examples of the three main components of the Earth: animal, vegetable, and mineral. What I have just said is the basis for the opening paragraph of our Expository Essay. "As Marie makes her way across the bridge and out to the Eagle Rock Pond she points out examples of animals, (seagulls, cormorants, eagles, crabs, starfish); vegetables, (sea grass, wild peas, seaweed, trees); and minerals, (sand, rocks, boulders, shells), found on the beach. Utilizing these examples she walks the viewers through the creation of an Expository Essay.  

Expository Essay

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