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Essay Writing Course - Introduction

Setting: Marie's favorite writing spot in the corner of her front yard overlooking the beach and mist-enshrouded Discovery Passage.
Essay Writing Course Introduction



"Many people shudder when first asked to write an essay. If you have never been taught to write a formal essay, it can be a fearsome assignment. I know from personal experience." While sitting at her writing table with her faithful old laptop computer, Marie shares the struggles she had with essay writing. In  school she had never been taught how to write an essay, and as a result she failed second year university English three times. She knew she wasn't stupid, and she knew she understood the literary material. Her problem was that she didn't have a format for clearly organizing and communicating her thoughts and ideas. The next time she attempted the course she had a different professor and she explained her problem to him. He said, "No one fails if they have the tools," and proceeded to teach her a way to format an essay. Her grades rose from an F to an A and she went on to major in English. This is the same format that she is now passing on to the viewers of The Basic Cozy Essay Course. She explains that, "An essay format is the technique, or formula, for writing an essay.  The style is the purpose." She promises to show viewers how the basic format she is presenting can be applied to all styles of essays. As Marie makes her way towards the bridge down to the beach she says, "Come along with me. I promised my neighbors I'd water their plants while they are on holiday." She spots her favorite sea otter and notices that he caught  a juicy fish for lunch.

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