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Lesson Five

Writing An Essay - Final Thoughts

Essay Course - Final thoughts

Setting: The Eagle Rock Pond near the low tide line.

"At this point we have discussed and constructed two styles of essays: Research and Expository; however, the same format was used for both essays. There are many other styles of essays. The format presented in this course can be used for all styles of essays. Remember: the format is the technique of an essay; the style is the purpose of an essay."

Marie explains that the Companion Notebook contains: study notes on all the points covered in the course; copies of the Research and Expository Essays she created on camera; definitions and samples of ten other types of essays - Persuasive or Argumentative, Informal, Review, Literary or Response, Character Analysis, Cause/Effect, Comparison/Contrast, Definition, Personal Narrative, Admissions - commonly required at the high school and university levels; and, a sample essay assignment she used with her high school students. "No one fails if they have the tools.  I hope I have demystified essay writing for you; and, I hope you achieve the same success with this essay format as I did."

Marie is joined by her doggie friend, Shaggy, and together the two of them happily make their way back towards Marie's cozy cottage on the beach.

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