Cozy English Courses

2001 Bronze Telly Award Winner

in the category of Non-Broadcast Film/Video & TV Programs - Educational For Academic Use


Affiliated with the Center For Creativity

"A highly respected national competition for people who create films and videos."

Telly Award

TheTELLY AWARDS were founded in 1980, to showcase and give recognition to outstanding non-network and cable TV commercials. The competition was expanded several years ago to include film and video productions as well as non-network TV programming. Entries compete against a high standard of excellence. The judges consist of a group of highly qualified production professionals. They begin with concept, then consider all the things that a producer does in building a finished piece: writing, on-screen talent quality, set design, lighting, cinematography, editing, sound, music, etc. In short, the judges look at each piece as a whole, and reward outstanding overall quality. Telly winners this year included HBO, Miramax Films, Universal Studios, ESPN, PBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Disney, Microsoft, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. The TELLY statuette has appeared on the set of many prime-time TV shows, such as Thirtysomething, Murder She Wrote, Newhart, News Radio, and in the feature film, What Women Want.

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