Cozy English Courses

The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course
Receives FAB Award of Excellence

Film Advisory Board, Inc.- Hollywood, CA
Award of Excellence Committee

Press Release: July 14, 2003
The Film Advisory Board, Inc., Hollywood, California

THE FILM ADVISORY BOARD, INC. announces its Award Evaluation Committee has voted its AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for quality family/children's entertainment and educational products to 'THE BASIC COZY PUNCTUATION COURSE'

In making the announcement of the award, FILM ADVISORY BOARD president Elayne Blythe called the program, "Excellent! We first had the pleasure of evaluating the outstanding 'THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE' - and now we can enjoy retired English teacher, Marie Rackham, as she educates us on punctuation! The soothing, picturesque scenery of Campbell River, British Columbia and the welcoming personality and skill of Marie Rackham make this educational course, complete with detailed workbook, a unique and very enjoyable learning experience! 'THE BASIC COZY PUNCTUATION COURSE' should be in every home, every school and, in addition to being sold online, should be made available to the public through television infomercials! It's one of the best educational products FILM ADVISORY BOARD has evaluated in its twenty-eight year history!"

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