Cozy English Courses

The Basic Cozy Grammar Course

AMTEC AWARDS - 2001 Award of Excellence winner
in the category of Informational-Visual

Assoc. for Media and Technology in Education in Canada

"Effective educational technology in the new millennium."

From the 2001 AMTEC Media Festival Awards program:Many people are concerned by what they perceive as a lack of grammar skills being taught in schools today. The producers of THE BASIC COZY GRAMMAR COURSE have created a self-contained audio/visual learning tool that would help parents and educators to empower themselves to do something about the problem. The goal was to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-follow course in basic English grammar, presented in a relaxed, non-threatening setting, by a retired English teacher considered to be a master teacher by administrators, colleagues, parents and students. Their hope is that teachers or parents could use it to teach themselves. We hope to see it utilized by public and private schools, homeschoolers, adult literacy programs, libraries, tutors etc.

AMTEC is a Pan-Canadian community of educators, media producers, researchers, librarians and other professional staff who work to facilitate and improve learning, in all sectors of education, through the appropriate application and integration of educational technology.

AMTECis committed to evaluating educational technologies which reflect sound pedagogical theory; which are accessible to all learners and teachers; which promote innovation in learning and teaching; and which celebrate best teaching / learning practices in all educational environments One Award of Excellence is granted in each category.

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