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Lesson Eight

Punctuation Within A Sentence


punctuation lesson on semicolon

Setting: Moose Falls

"The semicolon shows a longer pause than a comma, but not as long as a period. Think of the yield sign when you use a semicolon. The yield sign tells you to pause or come to a rolling stop if necessary."  Marie has arranged to take her first canoeing lesson from her friend Jack.  They have agreed to meet at the Moose Falls pond.  Marie uses two fallen trees, two eagles, the waterfall, the picturesque but dangerous rocks surrounding the pond, and Jack's canoeing technique to make clear the five ways of using a semicolon within a sentence.  

These uses are: to separate the clauses of a compound sentence when no conjunction is used to join them; to mark off the clauses of a compound sentence when these are long and contain punctuation within themselves, even though a conjunction joins the clauses; between the clauses (simple sentences) of a compound sentence, when one of them contains a connecting word such as however, therefore, then, moreover, thus; before such words or abbreviations as namely, that is, i.e., for example, when they precede a list of one or more examples; and, to separate dates which are punctuated by commas.   

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