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Lesson Seven

Punctuation Within A Sentence


punctuation lesson about the colon

Setting: Old Growth Tree Grove in west coast rainforest

"The colon is used mainly to introduce lists, explanatory series, and long quotations. Think of highway informational signs that indicate or list what is ahead, usually at the next exit."  As Marie makes her way amongst the ferns and undergrowth covering the forest floor, and through the  shadows of the giant first growth trees towering above her, she uses examples featuring Douglas Fir trees, Hemlock trees, Cedar trees, Maple trees,  a decomposing log, and a sign  called "Huge Plants" to help viewers learn the five ways a colon is used within a sentence. These uses are: to list a number of items, to introduce an explanation, to separate the hour and minute figures of time,  to place after the salutation of a business letter, and to introduce a long quotation.  

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