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Lesson Six

Punctuation Within A Sentence


apostrophe lesson

Setting: The Rotary Seawalk

"The apostrophe is part of a word and shows possession, omission, or plurals of letters and numbers.  Just remember that an apostrophe always indicates something is left out -- either letters or whole words.  Think of the traffic sign that indicates a narrow structure ahead.  This sign tells you that the road will be narrowing for a short distance -- that part of the road will be left out."  Marie takes us for a stroll along the Rotary Seawalk utilizing art pieces from the annual Shoreline Arts Carving Competition such as interpretations of an enormous sea serpent, a miner, a giant inline skate, a highrise of birds' condos, a whale, a chess board carved into a bench, the Father of the Seas, an owl, and an octopus; and, other examples like two women power walking, a couple playing checkers with seashells and driftwood, tall seagrass, a rusty anchor from a shipwreck, the wind ravaged fiftieth parallel sign, and the Rotary Wheel, to help clarify  the six ways to use an apostrophe within a sentence.  These uses are: to form possessives in singular nouns and plural nouns not ending in s, to form possessives in plural nouns ending in s, to form possessives in singular nouns ending in s, to indicate missing letters or numbers in contractions, to form plurals of letters and numbers, and to form possessives of indefinite pronouns.  

Featured Music
Goldberg Variation 22 (Bach)
Sonata Opus 13 Rondo (Beethoven)
Scherzo and Trio in B flat (Schubert)
Goldberg Variation 7 (Bach)


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