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Lesson Five

Punctuation Within A Sentence

"Double Quotation Marks" & 'Single Quotation Marks'

quotation marks

Setting: Cultural interests of downtown Campbell River

"Quotation marks enclose words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and paragraphs.  Think of highway distance signs when you think of quotation marks.  Whenever I see these signs I imagine someone at the side of the road shouting distances to me."  While returning two books to the North Island Regional Library in downtown Campbell River, Marie utilizes a Native rendering of a salmon imbedded in the downtown waterfront walkway; the memorial plaque on the local cenotaph; Mike, The Logger, a full scale carving of a logger high atop a spar pole; the snow capped coastal range mountains; the Discovery Inn sign; the Tidemark Theater courtyard; her library books containing the poems "Flanders Fields" by McCrae and "The Tender Elf" by Morley; the Art Gallery murals; and, the grounds of the renowned Museum At Campbell River,  to conduct tutorials on the three uses of double quotation marks.  

These uses are: to enclose the exact words of a speaker; to suggest a different level of usage (slang or intentional grammatical mistakes); and, to enclose titles of articles, poems, stories, and chapters, when used in a large body of prose.

She also illustrates the use of single quotation marks within a sentence to enclose a quotation within a quotation by using the example, "Do you know," asked the teacher, "who said, 'We have nothing to fear but fear itself'?"  

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