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Lesson Four

Punctuation Within A Sentence

Exclamation Mark!  


Setting: Marie's secret Orca watching spot somewhere along the Discovery Passage

"An exclamation mark is used within a sentence after interjections, or exclamatory words.  It's like a traffic control person sign and warning lights.  Our first reaction is usually, 'Oh! Oh!  What's ahead?'  We feel a strong emotion."  While taking the audience to her secret place for watching the Orcas, Marie uses examples such as an ornery crab, a tight squeeze between two enormous boulders, the colorful stockings gifted to her by her friend Jennifer, and the mystical Orcas themselves, to illustrate the use of the exclamation mark within a sentence.

Featured Music
Etude Opus 25 No. 11 (Chopin)
Goldfish (Debussy)
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