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Lesson Three

Punctuation Within A Sentence: Comma   

fly fishermen

Setting: Campbell River Canyon View Trail

"The comma is used within a sentence.  It shows a brief pause.  The comma is like the slow traffic sign -- or blinking yellow traffic light -- that tells you to go at a slower speed."  As Marie takes the viewers on a walk around the Campbell River she uses river rocks, mist, spawning salmon, fly fishermen, salmon steps, hydro turbines, maple trees, hikers, a suspension bridge, and facts about the Campbell River itself, to illustrate the twelve ways a comma is used within a sentence.   These uses are: to set off the name of a person spoken to; to separate single words in a series; to separate phrases, or groups of words, in a series; to set off independent words (yes, no, please, pardon me, etc.) from the rest of the sentence; to set off words of explanation; to set off expressions (however, for example, indeed, nevertheless, etc.); to separate a quotation; after an interjection (if the exclamation mark is used at the end of the sentence); to separate the date of the month from the year; to separate the city and state or province of an address; after a salutation and complimentary closing of a friendly letter; and, to separate numbers of four or more digits.  

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