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Lesson Two

Punctuation Within A Sentence


Japanese Gate

Setting: Sequoia Park Torii Gate

"The period is used within a sentence to show abbreviations, initials, decimals, and omissions.  It's like a traffic sign that reads 'road narrows ahead', indicating part of the road ahead will be left out."  Utilizing the Tori Gate (a gift from Campbell River's sister city of Ishikari, Japan); some Canadian coins (a loonie and a quarter); a passing cruise ship; statistics about the amount of rainfall required to keep Quadra Island looking so lush and green; and, excerpts of poetry by Wordsworth, Frost, and Kipling,  Marie demonstrates the four different ways to use a period within a sentence.  These uses are: after abbreviations and initials; when money is written in numbers; when the period is used as a decimal point; and, to indicate an intentional omission of text, story, or poem, in the form of an ellipsis.

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