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Lesson Thirteen

Punctuation Within A Sentence

Slash /

Punctuation Course Lesson 13

Setting: Fishermen's Wharf

"A slash is a diagonal line used in website addresses, between options or choices, and to separate lines of poetry that are run together in the text.  Think of the double arrow traffic sign.  This sign gives you the option to turn right or left, just as the slash indicates options."  Marie makes a detour to the Campbell River Fishermen's Wharf in the hopes of securing some fresh seafood for her dinner party.  

With the help of a gangway, a fishing/rescue boat, an old nursery rhyme about the fishermen who plumb the depths, some large scale deep sea fishing vessels, some tethered tug boats, and a fisherman selling freshly caught prawns, Marie is able to aptly demonstrate the four basic uses of a slash.These uses are: to indicate options in web site addresses, between options or choices,  to separate lines of poetry run together in a text, and to take the place of the word 'per'.

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Goldberg Variation 20 (Bach)
Sonata Opus 27 No. 2 Allegretto (Beethoven)
Sonata Opus 31 No. 2 Allegretto (Beethoven)

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