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Lesson Eleven

Punctuation Within A Sentence


Parentheses Lesson

Setting: Ripple Rock Lookout over the Seymour Narrows

"Parentheses are used within a sentence to enclose an independent idea which is somehow connected with the context of the rest of the sentence. It is like enclosing an afterthought. Think of a winding road sign. This sign tells you that you will change direction but still stay on the main road.  Parentheses do the same thing."  Marie has brought us to her favorite blackberry picking spot overlooking the Seymour Narrows -- the site of the infamous Ripple Rock. 

While picking blackberries, she uses the blackberry patch and the story of how the top of the treacherous Ripple Rock was dynamited in 1958 (it was then the world's largest man-made non-nuclear explosion) to provide examples illustrating how parentheses are used to mark off a complete interruption in the sentence where commas would be insufficient.

Featured Music
The Snow Is Dancing (Debussy)
The Wind Across The Plains (Debussy)
Goldberg Variation 26 (Bach)
Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum (Debussy)


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