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Lesson Ten
Punctuation Within A Sentence

Dash —

Punctuation Lesson - the Dash
Setting: Discovery Fishing Pier

"A dash is like a detour sign.  A detour sign changes direction and takes you off the main road. The dash is used within a sentence to show a sudden break or shift in thought.  We use the dash when either the original thought, or the detour thought, is incomplete."

One of the world's largest salt water fishing piers gives Marie an opportunity to catch a fresh salmon for her dinner party guests, and provides examples utilizing a snack bar vendor, an ice cream cone, the holes drilled into the railings of the pier to hold fishing rods, the polishing of her fishing lure, and a poster detailing the types of salmon found in Discovery Passage (Coho, Pink, Chinook, Sockeye), which demonstrate the five different ways to use a dash within a sentence.

These uses are: to mark an abrupt change of statement because of a sudden change of thought; to mark off a parenthetical expression, or change of thought, where the use of parentheses would be incorrect; to indicate a complete interruption in speech; to convey suspense or emphasis; and, to introduce or set off a summary of preceding ideas, or lists.

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