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Marie Rackham

Music Director
Educational Curriculum Producer

"Happiness is being your own best friend."

M. Rackham

Marie RackhamMarie Sophia Rackham was born in 1934 and raised in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She earned degrees in English and Geography from the University of British Columbia, and spent thirteen years studying piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Campbell River in 1966.

She worked as a public school teacher for thirty-four years, teaching at all levels from kindergarten to grade twelve; and taught piano and theory privately in her own studio for fourteen years.

During her time as an elementary classroom teacher, Marie conducted choirs, recorder and string ensembles, and produced productions of Cool In The Furnace, The Mikado, and Taming Of The Shrew. The music curriculum she implemented inspired the creation of a district wide elementary music program.

At the high school level she produced productions of The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls, and South Pacific. Teaching English at the high school level, Marie worked with remedial, regular, and honor students. Her emphasis with the remedial classes was developing their organizational skills and addressing their hyperactivity by using quiet, calming classical music. Over her many years of teaching language arts, Marie developed her own curriculum for teaching basic grammar and punctuation, which was eventually published through the local Teacher's Resource Center and made available to all the schools in the district as a self contained workbook. This workbook became the inspiration for the award-winning The Basic Cozy Grammar Course and The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course DVDs, produced by Splashes From The River Multimedia Entertainment Inc., featuring Marie herself.

Marie's philosophy of life: It takes less effort to smile than it does to frown.

RACKHAM, Marie Sophia

September 16, 1934 - February 10, 2005

Marie Rackham passed away, gently, in the arms of her dear friend, David Mielke, on Thursday, February 10, 2005. She was 70 years young. She had been dancing with breast cancer since 2001.

When Marie retired from teaching in 1994, there was a retirement tribute. Everyone who was there remembers what a soulful evening it was - raucous, poignant, frolicsome, earthy and joyful - just like Marie herself. She said she had a front row seat to her own memorial, and everyone should be so
blessed. She didn'’t want another one after her death. She felt that people should express how much they appreciate one another all the time, every chance they get, while they'’re still here - a rule she lived by whole heartedly, so she died with no regrets, or unfinished business.

Marie'’s favorite way of relating was on a one-to-one basis; she believed that was the best way to connect on a meaningful level.

Do you feel sad at the thought of never hearing Marie'’s laugh again - that juicy, outrageous, glorious, quirky force of nature? Aren'’t you smiling right now thinking about it? How could you ever forget it? It will never die.

The best tribute any of you could give to Marie would be to go to the mirror, tell yourself how special you are, and keep doing it until you truly believe it.

Well, learning grammar from her last tribute to teaching would be a nice tribute too!

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