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The Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course Level 1

Taking grammar to the next level.

Intermediate Grammar Level 1

Just as you must study a higher level of music theory in order to advance from playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to playing a Beethoven Sonata, so too, you must study  higher levels of grammar in order to master a language and  improve your ability to become an effective communicator.

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level 1 begins where The Basic Cozy Grammar Course left off. If you have mastered the basics you are now ready to take grammar to the next level.

Once again instructor, Marie Rackham, invites you to her cozy cottage on the beach where she will teach you all about the inflection of nouns, verbs, and pronouns. Inflection is the change in the form of a word that expresses a grammatical relationship, such as case, gender, number, person, tense, or mood.




If you are not sure whether or not this is the right  course for you, please feel free to take our test by clicking on the link below. If you pass the test, you most likely don't need this course and should look toward a more advanced grammar course.

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Appropriate for ages 12 to adult


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 Why Learning Grammar is Important

Intermediate Cozy Grammar Level 2

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level 1 is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum for: home schooling, private tutoring, ESL students and teachers, adult literacy applications, public and private school teachers, and virtually any individual who wants to learn correct grammar usage. The award-winning format addresses audio, visual, and tactile learning styles.

The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level 1 comes complete with two indexed DVDs featuring: an Introduction, 31 Tutorials, a Conclusion; and,  a 157 page Reproducible Companion Workbook on CD, featuring: lesson overviews, exercises, tests, and answer key. 181 minutes of on-screen instruction. 

ISBN: 0-9688271-8-7  (on DVD)

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