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Lesson 4: Direct Object Of The Verb

"An Object is a noun or pronoun used in relation to a verb as the receiver of the action; or, in relation to a preposition in a prepositional phrase. This is called Objective Completion because the object completes the verb or the preposition. The direct object is part of the predicate and is the direct receiver of the action. It answers the questions What? or Whom?"

Marie is making her way from the woodpile back to the cottage with a wheelbarrow full of wood. She demonstrates how to identify the direct object of the verb using a noun, then analyzes the relations in the sample sentence. After a short breather on the porch steps, she carries some wood into the cottage. As she makes her way to the hearth she provides an example of a direct object of the verb using a pronoun, and then analyzes the relations in the sample sentence.

English Grammar Course Lesson 4

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