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Lesson 31: Inflection Of Verbs For Mood

"There are three moods: the Indicative Mood, the Subjunctive Mood, and the Imperative Mood."

Marie is putting the final touches on the restored bridge. She explains that the Indicative Mood of a Verb expresses a thought as a fact or asks a question, and provides sample sentences. As she makes her way over the bridge and through the beach trail she explains that the Subjunctive Mood of a Verb expresses a thought as a wish or supposition, and provides examples. In her front yard she explains that the Imperative Mood of a Verb expresses a thought as a command or a request, and provides examples.

English Grammar Lesson 31 - Inflection of Verbs for Mood

Featured Music:
Beethoven - Sonata Opus 31 No. 2 - Adagio


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