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Lesson 29: Inflection Of Verbs For Person, Number, And Tense

"Inflection means the change in the form of a verb."

Marie is continuing her beachcombing trek. She pauses at her favorite gnarled old stump to explain Inflection of Verbs for Person. She demonstrates by inflecting the verb 'sit' in the first person, second person, third person, singular and plural forms. As she resumes her seashore stroll she explains Inflection of Verbs for Number, and provides an example in both the singular and plural forms. Finally she explains Inflection of Verbs for Tense, and provides an example inflected for the present, past, and future tenses. When she discovers that the seabridge has been damaged by a storm, she decides to fetch her tool belt and fix it.

Grammar Lesson 29 - Inflection of Verbs for Person, Number, and Tense

Featured Music:
Bach - French Suite 3 - Sarabande
Bach - Italian Concerto - Andante

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