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Lesson 26: Antecedent Of Pronoun And
Pronouns In Apposition

"Antecedent means going, or placed before. In grammar, when a noun and pronoun are both used to denote the same person or thing, the noun is said to be the Antecedent of the Pronoun. Usually the antecedent precedes the pronoun. Sometimes the antecedent is a pronoun."

Marie decides to return a plate to her neighbor. As she makes her way next door she explains that the pronoun must agree with the antecedent in gender, and provides an example using a noun/pronoun. At her neighbors totem pole she provides an example using a pronoun/pronoun. At the fish pond she states that the pronoun must agree with the antecedent in number, whether singular or plural, then provides examples of each. In the neighbor's foyer she reveals that compound antecedents require plural pronouns, and illustrates with a sample sentence. Finally, while sitting at the neighbor's unusual dining room table, she explains and demonstrates the concept of Pronouns in Apposition.

Grammar Lesson 26 - Antecedent of Pronoun and Pronouns in Apposition

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