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Lesson 25: Inflection Of Pronouns For Possessive Case

"Pronouns used to show possession are in the Possessive Case. Possessive Pronouns can also be considered as Possessive Adjectives when they describe nouns."

Marie is using a hose to wash the outside of her big A-frame picture window. Between squirts she recites a list of commonly used possessive personal pronouns, and then provides some samples in sentence form. Before the final rinse she says that possessive personal pronouns never use apostrophes, but a very few indefinite pronouns do use apostrophes. She demonstrates how indefinite pronouns, compound indefinite pronouns, and pronoun phrases form possessives by adding apostrophe s, and explains the exception that uses an apostrophe only.

Grammar Lesson 25 - Inflection of Pronouns for Possessive Case

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