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Lesson 23: Inflection Of Pronouns For Subjective Case

Grammar Lesson 23 - Inflection of Pronouns for Subjective Case
"Case is the relation of a pronoun to the other words in a sentence. Like nouns, pronouns can be Subjective, Objective, or Possessive. In this lesson we'll focus on the Subjective."

Marie is showing a couple of Goodwill workers the agate coffee table and futon sofa she wants to donate. As she happily putters around her newly free space she explains that the Subjective Case of Pronouns refers to the main subject of the verb and the subjective complement of a verb. She provides a list of subjective pronouns, and as she finds a spot for her beloved rocking chair she shares sentences demonstrating the main subject of a verb, and the subjective complement of a verb.

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Bach - Prelude And Fugue 22 - Book 1

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