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Level I
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Lesson Synopsis

Intermediate Grammar Level 1

Level one of The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course emphasizes INFLECTION. Inflection is the change in the form of a word that expresses a grammatical relationship, such as case, gender, number, person, tense, or mood. Level one consists of an introduction, conclusion, and thirty-one lessons as outlined below.





Tape/DVD One


  1. Review of Parts of Speech

  2. Inflection and Classification

  3. Compound Subject and Compound Predicate

  4. Direct Object of the Verb

  5. Indirect Object of the Verb

  6. Object of the Preposition

  7. Compound Objects

  8. Subjective Complement

  9. Objective Complement

  10. Compound Complements

  11. Nouns

  12. Nouns of Address and Nouns in Apposition

  13. Inflection of Nouns for Number (singular & plural)

  14. Inflection of Nouns for Gender (masculine, feminine, neuter)

    Tape/DVD Two

  15. Inflection of Nouns for Subjective Case

  16. Inflection of Nouns for Objective Case

  17. Inflection of Nouns for Possessive Case

  18. Personal Pronouns

  19. Compound Personal Pronouns

  20. Interrogative and Demonstrative Pronouns

  21. Indefinite Pronouns

  22. Inflection of Pronouns for Number and Gender

  23. Inflection of Pronouns for Subjective Case

  24. Inflection of Pronouns for Objective Case

  25. Inflection of Pronouns for Possessive Case

  26. Antecedent of Pronoun and Pronoun in Apposition

  27. Classification of Verbs

  28. Classification of Verb Phrases

  29. Inflection of Verbs for Person, Number, and Tense

  30. Inflection of Verbs for Voice

  31. Inflection of Verbs for Mood



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