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Intermediate English Grammar Course
Level 1 Test - Answers

I: Underline the compounds and state whether they are subjects, predicates, objects, or complements.

1. His cheeks are red and rosy. complement

2. Dan washed and waxed the floor. predicate (main)
Dan washed and waxed the floor. predicate (entire)
(either answer would be correct)

3. Bill and Judy live in Texas. subject

4. I bought chips and dips for the party. object

II: Underline the indirect object once, the direct object twice, and the object of the preposition three times.
(Note: the object of the preposition appears in red, instead of underlined three times.)

1. Elmer bought George a gift at the store.

2. In the park I saw a squirrel.

3. Hand me that hammer on the bench.

III: Underline the complement and state whether it is subjective or objective.

1. My friend is David.  subjective

2. The children felt hungry before lunch. subjective

3. Walter painted the wooden ducks brown. objective

IV: Underline the appositives and state whether they are nouns or pronouns.

1. We, she and I, will set the table. pronouns

2. The boss, Miss Clerk, went to lunch. noun

3. I took my dog, Fido, to the vet. noun

V: State the case of the underlined nouns or pronouns. (Subjective, objective, or possessive).

1. In the forest we saw a bear. objective

2. They flew to Arizona. subjective

3. The teacher found my book. possessive

4. Alvin threw the ball into the basket. objective

VI: Underline the compound personal pronouns and state whether they are intensive or reflexive.

1. I washed the dishes myself. intensive

2. Stan hurt himself at the park. reflexive

3. The team drove themselves to the game. reflexive

VII: Underline the verb and state whether it expresses action, possession, or existence.

1. She is a teacher. existence

2. Patrick dug the garden. action

3. The boy has a baseball bat. possession

VIII: Underline the verb or verb phrase and state whether it is transitive, intransitive, or copula.

1. The family went to the beach. intransitive

2. I am happy with my new job. copula

3. Mother is baking a birthday cake. transitive

4. Larry has built a new house. transitive

5. We were very busy. copula

IX: Underline the verb or verb phrase and state the tense (past, present, or future).

1. Ernie and Fred went to the fair. past

2. Tomorrow I will arrive at the airport. future

3. I am washing the clothes. present

4. He builds furniture. present

X: State whether the underlined word is a principal or auxiliary verb.

1. I have ten guests on my list. principal

2. Morris worked for thirty years. principal

3. They are going to the circus. auxiliary

4. The children are happy. principal

5. They have finished their homework. auxiliary

XI: Underline the verb or verb phrase and state whether it is in the active or passive voice.

1. The wind rattled the windows. active

2. The windows were rattled by the wind. passive

3. Mother is sewing my party dress. active

4. The teenagers went to the movie. active

5. These tomatoes were grown by me. passive

6. Thelma was driven to the dentist by Flo. passive

XII: State whether the underlined verbs or verb phrases are in the indicative, imperative, or subjunctive mood.

1. Get out as soon as possible. imperative

2. The Second World War ended in 1945. indicative

3. The snow is falling gently to the ground. indicative

4. I wish I were at the fair. subjunctive

5. Take these suits to the cleaners. imperative

6. Ray looked as if he were unhappy. subjunctive


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