Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Opening/Introduction (7:39)

English Grammar Course Introduction"Hello! My name is Marie.  Welcome, welcome, welcome.  Join me in some cozy, calming activities while we continue to pursue our understanding of intermediate grammar.  Away we go!"  The opening credits roll with all the topics and settings the 26 lessons will feature.  Marie is in her favorite rocking chair, taking delight in some chocolates.  "Chocolates are more delicious when you savor them in tiny bites; just as new concepts are easier to learn when you study them in cozy bits.  Now let's begin Level Two of The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course.  In Level One, the emphasis was on inflection - how words in a sentence change in relation to each other.  In Level Two we will discuss verbals, phrases, clauses, and diagramming.  Now, let's begin!"  

Featured Music:
Joplin - Scott Joplin's New Rag
Bach - French Suite 6 - Courante

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