Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Lesson 14: Inflection Of Conjunctive Pronouns For Case (5:43)

Inflection of Conjunctive Pronouns for Case"The three conjunctive pronouns - who, whom, whose - refer mainly to persons so they are inflected for case.  Who is in the subjective case.  Whom is in the objective case.  Whose is in the possessive case."  Marie is showing us some of the interesting features of her neighborhood.  At a cedar encircled bamboo garden she provides examples illustrating that the subjective case refers to the subject of the clause, or the complement of the clause.  At an enormous ivy hedge she explains and demonstrates that the objective case refers to the object of the clause, or the object of the preposition in the clause.  In front of a brilliantly red-berried bush she teaches that the possessive case refers to possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.

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