Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Lesson 12: Inflection Of Adjectives & Adverbs For Degree (3:58)

Inflection of Adjectives and Adverbs for Degree"Adjectives and adverbs are inflected for degree to show a difference in the ideas being expressed. There are three degrees."Marie has combed the beach and gathered some wave tossed, tide polished branches and fashioned a 'beach tree'. She decides to decorate it with shells, kelp bulbs, seaweed, driftwood, and strings of colored lights to create a friendly greeting for the passengers on the cruise ships that parade up and down Discovery Passage. She uses this soulful activity to provide examples of the three degrees of adjectives and adverbs: the positive degree, the comparative degree, and the superlative degree.

Featured Music:
Grieg - Waltz in A minor
Mendelssohn - Song Without Words Op.62 No.5



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