Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Lesson 13: Conjunctive Pronouns (4:18)

Conjunctive Pronouns"A conjunctive pronoun is a word that does the work of both a conjunction and a pronoun."  Marie is in her yard gathering pinecones to use in an arts and crafts project.  As she carefully selects the cones and places them in her basket, she demonstrates how a pronoun can sometimes also be used as a conjunction to connect a subordinate clause to the rest of the sentence.  She then provides a list of the four types of commonly used conjunctive pronouns: those that refer mainly to persons; those that refer to persons, animals, or things; those that refer only to animals and things; and, those that refer only to things.

Featured Music:
Mendelssohn - Song Without Words Op.102 No.4
Mendelssohn - Song Without Words Op. 30 No.5


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