Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Lesson 16: Classification Of Conjunctions (9:05)

grammar - classification of conjunctions"A conjunction is a word that joins single words or groups of words. Conjunction means connection."  Marie has a large salmon laid out on her cutting board.  She is using a knife to cut it into filets for smoking.  As she prepares and applies the marinade, she classifies conjunctions as follows:  co-ordinate conjunctions, correlative conjunctions, subordinate conjunctions, independent conjunctions, phrasal conjunctions, and conjunctives.   By the time the salmon filets have finished smoking, she has provided clear definitions and examples of all of the above.

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Tchaikovsky - Valse - Scherzo Op. 7
Grieg -  At Thy Feet Op. 68 No. 3


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