Intermediate Cozy English Grammar Course
Level 2

Lesson 15: Clauses (4:49)

English Grammar: Clauses"A clause is a group of words that forms part of a sentence and has a subject and predicate.  There are two general classes of clauses: principal and subordinate."  Marie is making an edible gift for her friend by shaping a wire hanger into a circle and using twist ties to cover it with colorfully wrapped candies.  While she works on this tasty project she explains that a principal clause is a simple sentence and makes an independent statement.  She then explains that a subordinate clause does the work of a single word or phrase, and is incomplete by itself, so it must be joined to a principal clause.  She provides examples to clearly illustrate these points.

Featured Music:
Mendelssohn - Song Without Words Op. 53 No. 2
Mendelssohn - Song Without Words Op. 62 No. 1


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