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Lesson 26: Conjugation Of Verbs


grammar lesson - conjugation of verbs"Conjugation of verbs. Isn't that a funny word? Conjugation. It just means the verb changes its form or spelling to agree with the pronoun used as the subject." Karen, her young daughter Devon, and her toddler son Alexander have come to help Marie do some planting in her whimsical beach garden-a soulful space with a rock waterfall, rose arbors, hanging baskets cascading with colorful wildflowers, a picnic table, and a gnarled old tree decorated with glass Japanese fishing balls, wind chimes and wind catchers. As Karen helps the children sort out the shells, sand dollars, coral, driftwood, stones and feathers they collected in their beachcombing buckets, Marie puts on some beach music and explains the concept of conjugating verbs. Then, with the help of Karen and the kids, she demonstrates how to conjugate the verb 'to plant ' in the first person, second person, third person, singular and plural, present, past and future tenses. When the planting is done, Devon gives Marie a daisy chain necklace, and they all decorate the planter with the beach treasures the children gathered earlier. The beach garden is indeed a lovely, gentle place to be.

Featured Music:
Beethoven - Ode To Joy
Debussy - Reverie
Mendelssohn - On Wings Of Song
Chopin - Prelude No.7
Chopin - Prelude No.6
Ravel - Pavan For A Dead Infanta


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